House in North Idaho

How to Buy a House in North Idaho

Lake Coeur d'Alene, Priest Lake, and Lake Pend Oreille are just a few of the spectacular lakes in northern Idaho. Resorts, themed amusement parks, and miles and miles of bicycle trails are just a few of the exciting activities on offer in North Idaho. Northern Idaho's panhandle promises adventure with a collection of state parks and gorgeous byways. Mountain lakes with crests and historic...

North Idaho Home For Sale

Tips For First-Time Home Buyers in North Idaho

Wouldn't you agree that everyone wants to be successful when purchasing their first home? After all, your first home is where you will seek shelter from the outside world and enjoy the comfort of home while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, first-time purchasing experiences for the uninformed are often a disaster. But this does not have to be the case. If you are a first-time...

Lake houses in North Idaho

8 Steps to Buying a House in North Idaho

Living in North Idaho can be as good as a dream, so the housing market is booming and hot in the area. Buying a house in North Idaho is considered to be a milestone for most buyers and thus the buying process might take some time. Especially for first-time buyers, buying a home in North Idaho might be especially challenging. To guide you through the process and give your search a proper direction, we...

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Real Estate Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know

As a homebuyer, you might face some difficulty understanding the meaning of numerous real estate terms or jargon thrown around by real estate agents. And it is only natural because, unlike a real estate broker, you don't deal with properties day in and day out. But as someone who wants to buy a home, you will be better served while dealing with a real estate agent if you have some prior knowledge and...

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5 Things To Consider Before Buying A House In Coeur D’alene,id

Purchasing a dream home is an overwhelming journey in an individual's life. Letting your emotions come in the way while deciding to buy a house can result in a blunder. As homeownership has such far-stretching outcomes, it becomes crucial to keep your feelings under control and consider the most effective decision possible. There are numerous issues to be addressed before deciding on a property to make...

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Home In North Idaho

Known for its unique and beautiful land, tree-covered mountains, pristine lakes, and community culture that complements the actively growing real estate business, North Idaho is a geographical area straight out of your dreams. Want to become a permanent resident of North Idaho and live your life in the home of your dreams? Here's the ultimate guide to buying a home in this town. Why buy a home in...


Idaho Politics and Your Real Estate Agent

Politics is another taboo subject that I’d like to address in this article. While there are many protected classes of people, political affiliations and views are not one of them. With this in mind, we as professional real estate agents try to be respectful and non-discriminatory in every way. The following are our observations and possibly our personal views which also should not be discriminated...

FAITH In Your Real Estate Agent

FAITH In Your Real Estate Agent

This article is not about how much faith you have (or don’t have) in your real estate agent. Rather, it’s about the role that faith plays in the personal life of your agent and how it can affect your experience together. This is a sticky and tricky subject. The topic itself can be viewed as taboo by many even though the reality of the issue will no doubt present itself. Please note, you don’t have...

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