How To Prepare Your Home For Sale: A Beginner’s Guide

Preparing your home for sale can be a daunting task. You want to get the most out of it, but don’t know where to start or what steps you should take? Then this guide is for you. From creating an inviting curb appeal and preparing the interior, to pricing your home right and working with a real estate agent – we’ll show you how prep your house for sale in this beginner’s guide.

Follow these simple tips from our team of experienced professionals at Will and Laura Realty and make sure that when it comes time to close, everything is ready. Let’s dive into each step so that you can maximize your return on investment when selling your house.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression potential buyers get of your home, so it’s important to make sure it looks its best.

Clean the Exterior

Cleaning up the exterior can go a long way in making your home look more attractive and inviting. Start by removing any debris or clutter from around the house, such as old toys, furniture, or tools. Power wash siding and walkways if needed to give them a fresh look.


Landscaping and gardening are also key components of curb appeal. Trim back overgrown shrubs and trees, mow the lawn regularly, add colorful flowers or plants for an extra pop of color. Make sure that pathways are clear and free from weeds or moss buildup for easy access to your front door. 

Ensure Easy Visibility

It’s a good idea to make sure that your home is visible from the street (if possible); this will help draw attention to it when potential buyers come by for showings. If there are any obstructions blocking visibility (such as tall hedges), consider trimming them back so that passersby can easily spot your property among others on the block. With these simple steps, you can boost curb appeal quickly without breaking the bank. 

Curb appeal is essential to attract potential buyers, so make sure your home looks its best from the outside. Now that you’ve got the exterior looking great, it’s time to turn your attention inside and prepare your interior for sale.

Interior Preparation

Interior preparation is essential when selling your home. It can help make a good impression on potential buyers and increase the chances of a successful sale unlike just selling your home as is.

Declutter and Depersonalize

Start by removing any clutter from the space, such as excess furniture or decorations that are taking up too much room. You also want to depersonalize the space by removing family photos, religious items, and other personal items that could distract potential buyers from seeing themselves in the home.

Deep Cleaning and Repairs

Next, you’ll want to do a deep clean of all surfaces throughout your home including walls, floors, carpets, windowsills, etc. If there are any repairs needed like patching holes in walls or fixing broken light fixtures, they should be done before showing your house to potential buyers. You can also consider hiring professional cleaners to get the house ready for you. 

Stage Your Home

Finally, you’ll want to stage your home for showings so it looks inviting and welcoming to those who come through it. This includes arranging furniture into attractive groupings that maximize available space while making sure each room has its own purpose (living room for relaxing; dining room area for entertaining). Additionally, adding neutral accents like pillows or throws can add warmth without distracting from the overall look of the space.

Interior preparation is an important step when selling your home. It can help you create a space that a potential buyer will be eager to see, so make sure to declutter, deep clean, and stage your home for showings. Now let’s look at how to price your home right.

Pricing Your Home Right

Pricing your home right can be the difference between getting tons of offers or crickets. It’s essential to research comparable homes in the area, consider professional appraisal services, and set an asking price that’s attractive to buyers.

Research Comparable Homes in the Area

Before setting a price for your home, it’s important to look at what other similar homes are going for in your area. Check out listings of nearby properties with similar features such as size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, storage unit, age of construction etc., so you can get an idea of how much you should be asking for yours. This will help ensure that you don’t overprice or underprice your property.

Consider Professional Appraisal Services

A professional appraiser can provide valuable insight into pricing your home correctly by assessing its condition and comparing it to recent sales data from similar properties in the area. An appraisal report will also include information about any repairs or upgrades needed before listing your house on the market which could affect its value when potential buyers come knocking.

Set an Attractive Price

Once you have all this information gathered together, it’s time to set a realistic asking price that reflects current market conditions but still leaves room for negotiation if necessary. Try not to go too far above what other comparable houses are listed at as this may deter potential buyers who may think they’re getting overcharged. Also, remember that even though you want the best possible price for your property there is always a chance someone might offer less than what was asked so keep some flexibility just in case negotiations take place down the line.

Key Takeaway: Research comparable homes in your area, consider professional appraisal services, and set a realistic asking price to attract buyers while leaving room for negotiation.

Working with a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling or buying a home, working with an experienced real estate agent is key. An agent can help you navigate the process and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips for finding the right agent and getting the most out of your relationship:

Find an Experienced Agent Who Knows the Market Well

It’s important to find an agent who knows your local market well. Ask friends, family members, or colleagues for referrals or look online for reviews from past clients. Make sure you interview several real estate agents before making a decision so that you can compare their qualifications and experience levels.

Ask About Their Marketing Strategies

A top real estate agent, like Will and Laura Realty, will have a comprehensive marketing plan in place to get your property seen by prospective buyers quickly and efficiently. Ask about their strategies for advertising listings on websites like Zillow, Trulia,, etc., as well as any other tactics they use such as open houses or direct mail campaigns.

Come to a Mutual Understanding

Before signing any contracts with an agent, make sure that all commission fees are clearly outlined in writing so there are no surprises down the line when it comes time to close on your sale or purchase agreement. Additionally, discuss how negotiations will be handled between yourself and potential buyers/sellers; having an experienced negotiator can be beneficial here.

Working with an experienced real estate agent is essential for a successful home sale. Now that you have chosen the right agent, it’s time to focus on preparing for closing day.

Preparing for Closing Day

Closing day is the final step in buying or selling a home, and it’s important to be prepared. Gather all necessary documents before closing day so that you can sign them quickly and easily when the time comes. This includes your driver’s license, social security card, proof of insurance for homeowners insurance, bank statements showing funds available for closing costs if applicable, and any other paperwork required by your lender or real estate agent.

Have all repairs completed before closing day as well. If there are any outstanding issues with the property that need to be addressed prior to closing such as plumbing problems or roof leaks, make sure they are taken care of ahead of time so that you don’t have any surprises on the big day.

Lastly, do a final walkthrough of the property before closing. Make sure everything looks good and nothing has changed since you last saw it, especially if it’s been several weeks since you first viewed it. Check out all of the outlets to ensure they are working properly and inspect windows and doors for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Doing this will help give you peace of mind knowing that everything is in order when signing those papers at closing.

FAQs in Relation to How to Prep Your Home for Sale

How should I prepare my house before selling it?

Before selling your home, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure you get the best possible price. Start by decluttering and deep cleaning each room of your house. Make any necessary repairs or updates that will help improve its appearance and value.

Consider a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors for walls and trim, as well as replacing outdated fixtures such as door handles, light bulbs, or switches. Finally, stage your home with furniture (like a dining room table, couches, carpets, etc.) and decorations that show off its features in the best light possible. Taking these simple steps can make all the difference when it comes time to sell.

What should you not do before selling your house?

Before selling your house, it is important to take certain steps in order to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible to make sure your house sells quickly. Firstly, you should not make any major renovations or repairs without consulting a professional first. Additionally, do not rush into listing your home too quickly; instead, take time to research and compare market prices for similar properties in the area.

Finally, avoid overpricing your property; this could lead to fewer potential buyers and longer wait times before finding a buyer who will pay what you are asking for. Taking these precautions can help make sure that you get the best deal when selling your home.

How do I make my house look good to sell?

Preparing your home for sale is an important step in the process. Start by decluttering and deep cleaning to make sure it looks its best. Make any necessary repairs or updates, such as replacing outdated fixtures or painting walls a neutral color.

Staging can also help create a warm and inviting atmosphere that potential buyers will appreciate. Finally, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the beauty of your home and highlight its features online so more people can see it. With these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to selling your house quickly.


Selling your home can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and guidance from an experienced real estate agent, you can make it a smooth process. Taking the time to prep your home for sale can help you to maximize its value and appeal to potential buyers.

From improving curb appeal to pricing it correctly, following these steps will help ensure that you get the best return on your investment when selling your home. With proper planning and guidance from an expert team of realtors, you’ll have no problem prepping your home for sale and finding success in this exciting journey.

Ready to make your real estate dreams a reality? With Will & Laura Realty, you can find the perfect home or get your current one ready for sale with our expert guidance. Our team will help guide you through every step of the process so that you can maximize profits and minimize stress when it comes to selling or buying property.

We are here to answer any questions and provide solutions tailored specifically for each individual situation – no two homes are alike! Contact us today and let’s start making those dreams come true!

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