A closeup photo of Will. He is wearing a white button up shirt with a light blue suit jacket.

Will Stafford


  • Service Areas: Kootenai, Bonner, Boundary, Benewah, and Shoshone counties

About Will Stafford

Will is known for his ability to relate to his audience whoever they may be and whatever their personality type. His communication skills are integral in every transaction’s success. He shares in Laura’s ability to make their clients feel cherished and heard. He makes every effort to always answer his phone as much as possible and respond to every other type of communication.

Will moved to North Idaho from New Jersey in 1987 and has witnessed the remarkable growth and development of the beautiful Coeur d’Alene area. Prior to real estate he was a General Contractor since 1992, was a licensed Home Inspector for several years, and even worked in the Assessor’s office as a certified State Appraiser. As a real estate agent, his past experience helps in recognizing quality or faulty components in structures as well as his ability to access essential records and understand them. He enjoys helping clients understand vital information and coming up with solutions when needed.

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